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No. I was lying, but that caught your attention didn't it?

When there's money involved, everybody wants it.

Last Friday, Britney's dad managed to obtain a restraining order against Lufti
Today, Sam Lufti sued Britney Spears (and her parents) for defamation and breach of contract.
Brtiney's parents apparently, spread lies to attempt to destroy Lufti and get him out of Britney's life.

Yeah. We all know how sane Britney was with him around.

Finally, Lutfi claims he and Britney had an oral agreement that he would be compensated 15 percent of her earnings as her manager. Lutfi alleges that the agreement was confirmed in a text message on Oct. 13, 2007 in which the singer wrote: "sam, so thats fine, i want you to be my manager, you were right its 15 percent of my money but for 4 years not 5." Lutfi claims that he hasn't received any payment for his alleged services.
Oh skittles. Let's see how this plays out.

[images via gettyimages and PA photos]


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