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April 2009 GQ is going to run out. Fast.
At least, it probably will at my book store.
I'm probably going to get at least one copy :'D Two maybe, one to read and touch, the other to just look at. What a delicious waste of money I don't have.

Gahh! All the scruffiness is making me squeal.
Robert Pattinson's on the cover of GQ magazine (as I've said a while ago ;D) and also has a spread inside. One of the scans is a bit wonky, so I'll be on the lookout for HQs :'D
But seriously, these shots are fucking amazing. I might buy a third copy just to rip them out and frame them up.
Smoking might suck, but if he can look hot doing it, which he does, I don't give a shit.

[images via tFS]


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