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We've been trying to deny it, well, some of the hardcore fans, but there's no use trying to deny it any longer.
Former waif model Kate Moss is just that - a former waif.
Sweet Jesus, her weight gain is extremely apparent in this photo.
Kate Moss showed up at the Fendi show with her boyfriend, Jamie Hince, wearing matching gray outfits.
I love her dress, but we can clearly see how much weight she's gained. Around the hips, in the boobage, and on her face, especially around the jawline.
Ohdear. A teen anorexic's opinion should be taken with a grain of salt, but I think the weight gain doesn't look that great on her.
Then again, she's Kate Moss. She's only been to the Chanel Fashion Show, Chanel Party and Fendi party and she's also been seen shopping at Fendi.
Anyone here thinks she has a big campaign coming up?

[image via splash]


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